The teambuilding program 2023 with the theme “RELAXING – Swim to the finish line” took place successfully. The program has the participation of more than 200 employees & relatives of Alphaway company.

Alphaway staff team.

Closing the tumultuous first 6 months of 2023, the APW staff is proud to have always persevered, persevered, and successfully completed assigned tasks. As a gift, a special reward sent to all employees for their tireless efforts during the past time. Alphaway Technology Company organized a 2-day, 1-night trip for employees and families at the beautiful Pearl Island of Tuan Chau. The trip had the presence of more than 200 company employees and families.

The radiant smiles of Alphaway’s young members.

With the theme: “TAKE A BREAK – SWIM TO THE FINAL” in addition to exciting team building activities, Alphaway members can also immerse themselves in the green space of Tuan Chau, enjoy local specialties as well as participate in Gala program with many interesting activities & attractive gifts.

A wonderful moment of rest for the members.

Hopefully after these fun sessions, Alphaway Technology will record more and more explosive development activities from members of the APW family!

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