After more than 5 years, Alphaway has become a familiar name in the information technology industry for banking & fintech thanks to the enthusiasm of the leadership and efforts from the entire staff.

A 5-year journey full of emotions

Looking back on Alphaway’s journey of more than 5 years, how do you feel?

– Alphaway is the “child” in which I and the leadership team put a lot of enthusiasm, it can be said that all enthusiasm and youth. Witnessing Alphaway’s journey over the past 5 years, I am happy and proud of the development as well as the values ​​the company brings to the people of Vietnam.

– For me, more than 5 years of building and sticking with Alphaway has been a memorable journey. It is the struggle of youth with many dreams and ambitions. 5 years have had ups and downs, many advantages and many difficulties. More than 5 years of dedication to the mission of bringing comprehensive IT solutions to the Vietnamese market.

“More than five years of dedication to the value of bringing comprehensive information technology solutions in the field of finance and banking. We are proud to be close partners of more than 20 financial and banking institutions nationwide.”

What does the name Alphaway mean, sir ?

– In the Greek numeral system, ALpha (α) has the value 1. It is derived from the Phoenician alphabet Aleph meaning ” leader” or “leading bull” .

– Way – Means path

=> Inspired by a quote by Lu Xun:

“There are no roads in this world. If people keep walking, they will become roads.”

– The name Alphaway means new road, an unexplored road & we are pioneers with new ways of doing things, new methods & new visions.

What do you think are the biggest successes with Alphaway ?

– Currently, we have a team of more than 250 employees who are highly qualified IT engineers. Besides, we have close relationships with more than 20 partners in the leading financial and banking sector in Vietnam such as: Vietnam Military Bank MBbank, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Techcombank, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Company SHB…

– Despite the negative developments of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the world economic crisis, Alphaway still maintains stable growth. Revenue of 2021 and 2022 will reach 56 billion and more than 102 billion, respectively.

When sweet fruit is crystallized from happiness

In your opinion, what is the key to that success?

– It is a “customer-centric” strategy and always strives to improve customer experience, making a difference from traditional businesses.

Marketing is not the only way to reach customers. Build a good experience, then customers will tell each other about their experiences. Introductions are the fastest and highest quality things to convey.

He once shared that Alphaway’s biggest “asset” is building a motivated staff and working in a happy environment. How does this contribute to Alphaway ‘s success ?

– Owning a team of employees who are always dedicated, wholehearted to the work and enterprising has been the secret of Alphaway’s survival for more than 5 years. We have initially succeeded in creating a team of motivated, high-performance employees, including a mix of senior, experienced leaders and enthusiastic and creative young people.

Alphaway staff team.

I admire their fighting spirit. After more than 5 years of many challenges, with the positive spirit of turning risks into risks, we accept incidents as an opportunity to create breakthroughs when the team has the same determination, direction and consensus.

“The ultimate goal of Alphaway is not profit, but bringing prosperity to the companion team.”

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