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Author: Nguyen Khac Hao – FE Developer.

In the midst of a magnificent city with a hustle and bustle of life, because of the worry of food and money, people have to work hard all their youth.

Time passes without waiting for anyone. With each passing moment, will we ever look back at what we tried for? Are all efforts for my family? But we forget that we have been engrossed in work like bees passionately searching for sweet honey without really spending much time taking care of our families. Family love is sacred! Not only time, but also geographical space cannot make family love disappear, it can even make family love stronger. The love between a couple can be “far from sight, far from heart”, but family love is something that the farther you go, the more you miss. You may dream of going to a faraway land, but when you go away, you will see how much you miss your family and the place where you were born. That’s why the moment of reunion is even more precious.

Every year on the occasion of Tet reunion, my heart is filled with an indescribable feeling of emotion. Looking at my family and friends happily reunited, my heart was extremely choked. Childhood memories reappear one after another as if it were just yesterday. My childhood, although meals were meager, was always filled with laughter. Even though life is a bit difficult, it is always full of joy. But growing up, I was lonely in a large, modern city. Is the price of adulthood too great? That’s why I cherish the moments of reunion with my family even more. Another Tet Reunion season has returned. Unlike previous years, this year my Reunion Festival will be more complete. Because this year I will return to reunite with my brothers and sisters in the arms of my parents. Thank you life for always being so meaningful.

Wishing everyone a perfect Reunification season with their families. And I wish those who are far away from home to have a very happy and warm holiday season. Let’s paint your own life beautifully and full of meaning, everyone!
❤ ❤ ❤

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