Winning second prize in the Gala dinner & Talentshow program “NIGHT TO SHINE”, “percussionist” Xuan Tu brought the audience an explosive performance.

Charming with Alphaway

Xuan Tu’s full name is Nguyen Xuan Tu, hometown of Vinh Phuc, currently a programmer on the Techcombank team at alphaway. As an Aquarius guy, Xuan Tu possesses a bright appearance and a sunny smile.

Xuan Tu and members of Alphaway.

Knowing Alphaway through an introduction, after a period of research in November 2022, Xuan Tu officially joined the Alphaway family as a programmer (DEV). At work, Xuan Tu is considered a capable, hardworking & perfectionist member.

The “Knocker” is passionate about music

An IT guy who is passionate about art.

Besides bright appearance and solid expertise, Xuan Tu also possesses a powerful voice and impressive performance style. In the performance night with the theme “SHINING NIGHT”, Xuan Tu brought the audience an explosive performance with the song Lac Troi – Son Tung MTP. The performance performed by Xuan Tu excellently won the second prize in the audience’s cheers.

Xuan Tu won the second prize in the art competition.

Talking about his passion for music, Xuan Tu shared:

“I see music as a flavor of life. Music helps me relieve pressure after stressful working hours and helps my life and work at Alphaway become more sublime.”
Xuan Tu

Sharing about his upcoming plans, Xuan Tu confided: he will continue to accompany Alphaway for a long time.

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