AlphaKid – Colorful Farm is considered the largest program to celebrate International Children’s Day June 1 for AlphaKids of the Alphaway family. Nearly 100 AlphaKids along with AlphaPapa and AlphaMama had a fun Sunday and many meaningful experiences at Erahouse Educational Farm.

With the motto “all for children’s smiles”, the Organizing Committee has devoted a lot of effort to this program to bring AlphaKids games as well as Country Market stalls with many rustic dishes. and products with bold Vietnamese village style

The children posed to express their joy when participating in the program

AlphaKids – Colorful farm
In the program, the children and their parents participated in many games at the farm. Each game has moderators and guides for the Alphaway family. Here, the children have overcome the challenges of the game to receive attractive gifts.

Children experience pet care activities

Let’s show off our talents at the game “Missile hit the target”

The whole family shows off their ingenuity together in “making ceramics”

Enter the garden to transform into tiny farmers

2.3 tug of war!!!
Hope that one day, the experience of being a farmer as well as having fun with folk games and enjoying the products of the homeland has partly brought the children a really interesting and meaningful experience. Wish the AlphaKids of Alphaway Great Family a very happy International Children’s Day!

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