Author: Nguyen Hoai Linh – Accountant

I don’t know when, every time the Tet Reunion season comes, I can only call my parents to check on them over the phone. Time passes so quickly, for so many years working away from home, I have not been able to return to celebrate Tet with my family.

Reeling in the hustle and bustle of urban life, another season of Tet Reunion has arrived. But luckily in this city, I still have friends. They are like me, they are all people living away from home in Hanoi. We cut a piece of cake, sipped a cup of tea, and chatted about life and family. Yet we have celebrated many Mid-Autumn Festivals together away from home. That’s how many years we’ve spent together. That’s also perfect, right?

“Complete” or not depends on each person’s thinking. For me, that’s luck. I am happy every time the Tet reunion comes, my relatives and friends around me are all healthy, happy and peaceful.

Wishing you – those who live far away from home like me – will have a warm and complete Mid-Autumn Festival!

Dear ❤️

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