Attitude is like a pyramid, it is formed over time. The bottom of the pyramid will be a positive attitude. Positivity is a prerequisite for all the other attitudes you need to have. A positive attitude radiates strength and will help build confidence in you. It is that confidence that will motivate you to act and how you act will be the answer to whether what you dream of can come true or not.

Irving Berlin once commented: “Your attitude to life will determine whether you will become more mature or never be able to grow up, even if you grow old.”

You may not be able to choose your life situation, but you can choose your attitude towards that situation. If you are still not satisfied with your current life, then instead of wallowing forever in anger, resentment, and regret, why don’t you think differently and change it yourself?

Attitude determines how we act, determines the close bond in relationships. It has the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, turning failures into successes. A right attitude will open up a bright future, making your present life full of vitality and love.

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