On January 16, 2023, at Tuoi Tre football field, APW football club successfully held a football friendly match to summarize the club’s activities in 2022.

Fans were present very early to cheer for the players.

The friendly match is a fierce competition between Con Loc Duong Bien team – captain Vu Hong Phuc & Chao Hanh team – captain Nguyen Tien Cong. Both teams gave the audience a very eye-catching ball.

Outstanding assists on the field.

At the end of the match the score was recorded as 2-2 .

At the end of the match, Chao Hanh team excellently won with an overwhelming penalty shootout score of 3-1.

Members of the Chao Hanh team.

Congratulations to the god of war prediction Dao Hai Linh – HO.

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