Taking care of life and ensuring a safe working environment for employees is an important measure to ensure the development of enterprises and is a measure of the operation of trade unions in the country. Enterprises, including Alphaway union.

Closing the first 7 months of 2023, Alphaway union took care of the birthday benefits of 138 employees, visited sick employees and relatives in 12 cases, congratulated new members on 9 cases, expressed gratitude in 16 cases, …

Happy staffing.

In addition, Alphaway Trade Union also regularly promotes cultural, art and sports movements, organizes football club activities every Monday, organizes online photo contests, art and international competitions. children, teambuilding, periodic health check-ups and other commemorative activities.

Organize summer travel + Teambuilding program.

Organize health checks for employees.

Celebrate International Children’s Day June 1.

Alphaway Football Club.

Organize the art contest “SHINING NIGHT” .

Give gifts to sisters on March 8.

With the spirit of initiative and creativity, APW’s trade union has gradually affirmed its position, performed well as a representative, coordinated to take care of the lives and jobs of employees, and ensured the development of the business.


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