Within the framework of the 2024 HEALTH CARE program . April 11, 2024, Alphaway organized testing samples for employees at the office.

The program has the participation of more than 100 employees from the office sector & some members of the Onsite team such as: MB Onsite, TCB (Tran Duy Hung), Bytelink, Imocha… Company employees will take samples for testing within about Time from 8:00 – 11:00 April 11, 2024.

The program was evaluated as being organized with the right focus and purpose. The team of doctors and nurses involved in taking samples for testing were highly specialized, working carefully and following the correct procedures.

With the motto “taking people as the core value, all policies focus on the comprehensive development of personnel . Periodic health check-ups are annual activities that Alphaway’s Trade Union & Board of Directors pay special attention to and implement to care for and protect the health of workers.

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