On May 7-8, MB, ByteLink, Mcredit & MB Ageas Life teams had a very meaningful team building trip to Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) with the theme “Change, breakthrough, surpassing all boundaries.” term”.

Theme of the trip

More than 2 hours of travel, the whole group was present at Ha Long Plaza – where team building was held.
After a break, at 3pm on May 7, the “battle” of team building took place. A little warm-up before entering the battle, the teams chose for themselves unique names and slogans: Yin-Yang, C2, Beer 333.

Blue team named Âm Dương

Green team named

Team three is named Beer 333

“Alphaway Family Trip” lineup

The teams cooperated extremely well with many fun games, showing the spirit of solidarity such as: Ball Push, Relay Relay, Queen of Power,…

Team MBbank

Team Mcredit

Team Byte Link

Company leaders awarded teams in Teambuilding activities
Also on the occasion of this vacation, Alphaway company organized the warmest and most “spectacular” birthday party for employees with birthdays in May.

Fun minigames help make the atmosphere even more exciting

And the party ended with a “DJ show” performance in the auditorium.

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