During the past two weekends (April 13-14, 2024), the periodic health examination program for Alphaway employees took place successfully. Accordingly, more than 300 employees were examined by highly qualified doctors at Hong Ngoc – Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital and given health care instructions appropriate to each employee’s physical condition.

The examination process is quick, focused, doctors are dedicated, highly specialized, modern facilities, 5* standards give employees the best health examination experience.

With the motto: “Taking human resources as the core value, all policies and regimes aim at the comprehensive development of human resources”. Faced with the strong impact of the global economic recession, Alphaway always strives to ensure full welfare for its employees.

Periodic health checks not only help employees monitor their health status, promptly detect abnormalities, but also act as a bridge, showing deep concern from the company to the employees’ lives.

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