At the end of July, 500 brothers of Techcombank, SHB and TPbank projects had an interesting trip at Sam Son-Thanh Hoa beach resort.
Green and cool, but only about 200 km from the capital, Sam Son beach is indeed a great destination for the Alphaway brothers and sisters. Here people can not only visit the beautiful natural scenery but also participate in exciting teambuilding performances. Surely the members of the teams will never forget this trip.

Let’s brighten up together!

It seems that no matter how hot the weather is, it cannot dampen the spirits of the brothers and sisters. At exactly 3:00 p.m., all groups were present to start the exciting teambuilding performance.

Play hard – Win big prizes

The Gala Dinner that night left many memories for all employees participating in this trip: DJ party, special art performances and games and prizes made everyone go away from this surprise. to another surprise.

Employees had their birthdays celebrated on the trip
Back in Hanoi, with Alphaway after two successful teambuilding days, Techcombank, SHB, TPbank projects will continue to face special goals in 2022. Wishing you guys always breakthrough, Be successful with the company!

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