The festival for AlphaKids on the occasion of June 1 this year called “Alphaway AlphaKid – Colorful Farm” is approaching. Surely employees with young children are very excited and looking forward to the biggest event of the year for my children.
With the name “AlphaKid – Colorful Farm”, the Organizing Committee wishes to bring AlphaKids – the F1 generation of the Alphaway Family, truly interesting experiences on the occasion of International Children’s Day June 1 this year. Joining “AlphaKid – Colorful Farm” at 8:30 am, June 5, 2022 at EraHouse Educational Farm, children will get:
– Experience folk games
– Have fun with country market stalls
– Challenge to practice being a farmer

Some information about the program:

  1. About gifts for children: All children aged 4-15 years old have gifts
    – Children get a free shuttle (remember, children and parents gather at the company office in Vu Trong Phung) (Parents can also register to take the children there by their own car)
    – Children can participate in a fun lunch completely free of charge
    – Children can participate in unique folk games
    – Children experience being a farmer once.
    Children can freely fly and play in a space close to nature with a variety of plants and animals.
  • Besides, there are still many interesting and unique experiences waiting for children to discover!

Children from 0 to 3 years old who cannot participate in the experience program: Each child receives a gift of 300,000 VND in cash.

  1. About entrance tickets

Children who have registered to attend are completely free, employees with children will be entitled to 1 free adult ticket, families who need more people need to register and pay an additional entrance fee: 50k/person

  1. About eating and drinking
  • Organizers have prepared food + drinks for all participants
  • Cost for additional passengers: 80k/capacity
  • However, besides that, parents should actively bring more food or drink in accordance with their child’s preferences.
  1. About moving:
  • All employees with children aged 4-15 years old need to register for the event and register for the shuttle service at the company at the link: edit#gid=0
  • Registration deadline: Until May 31.
  • Note: This is a mandatory event and activity that the company’s union wants to give to employees and children on the occasion of International Children’s Day. Therefore, for children 4-15 years old but not children. If you are able to participate due to force majeure issues such as illness, illness, family travel or difficult problems, you must report to BTC to verify and receive gifts.
  • Information about Era House Farm:

So only a few days left, the festival “AlphaKid – Colorful Farm” will officially take place, the organizers are rushing to complete the preparation stages for the program, hoping to give the children real experiences. Exciting and unforgettable! The whole family is looking forward to it!

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