After a year of hard work with well-deserved achievement, the staffs of MB Bank, MCredit, ByteLink, and MB Ageas Life will travel to Ha Long Bay together on the 7th and 8th of May to fully enjoy the summer vacation of 2022. Ha Long Bay, where thousands of islands are generated by spectacular and vibrant formations, has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage many times. Moreover, this place also has a wonderful beauty that attracts domestic and foreign tourists. For that reason, Ha Long is the destination for the summer vacation of 2022 of Alphaway’s teams

It is possible to state that 2022 will be the year we have a great vacation after a long time facing the Covid pandemic, which makes the morale of the company’s employees somewhat decrease.In addition, this is also the first time when all employees of MB-MC-MBAL teams have gathered at the same time and place. What’s more united, what’s more fun than relaxing together after a stressful time with KPIs, and most importantly, being able to introduce the families so that everyone can understand each other and firmly believe in the working environment at Alphaway.

With only a short time (2 day, 1 night), however, the members of the teams will be extremely excited and looking forward to the day when they could travel together with a series of interesting landscapes! And now, let’s look at some of the most exciting informations for this year’s vacation!

Trip information:
Vehicles: Travel Car
Time: 7th – 8th May, 2022

For Employees:
– The company will pay 100% of travel expenses for employees who signed an official labor contract with the company from May 1st, 2022 or earlier and still work at the company until the date of organizing the trip.

For accompanying relatives:
– Children from 1-4 years old are free of charge (parents are self-sufficient for children)

– From 5-9 years old, 80% of tour price (eat as an adult, sleep with parents)

– From 10 years old and above are charged as adult cost

Dragon Park
Bai Chay Bridge
Visiting the islands on Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh Museum
Quang Ninh Museum

 For employees who do not participate in this year’s vacation, the company will have a separate support policy  the following cases:

  • Pregnant female; people who are on maternity leave or are raising children under 24 months old
  • Male with a wife expected to give birth in May 2022
  • Employees perform professional tasks approved by the Company’s Director
  • Other special cases decided by the Company’s Director.

Only about 1 month left until the trip of  team  will officially start! All the HOT news about the 2022 vacation will be updated continuously with extremely useful information!
What’s fun to come to Ha Long? What do you need to prepare before going to Ha Long? What tips for Ha Long tourist season? Be sure to look forward to reading in the next newsletter of the Internal Communications Department, loves!

ALPHAWAY TRIP – FAMILY TRIP -Hope you have a nice vacation!

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