Viettel is the No. 1 Telecommunications Corporation in Vietnam and has a great reputation in the world with operators in 10 other countries. In 2019, the revenue reached 11 billion USD with 70 million subscribers globally. Because of their wide range of operations, they need a toolkit to connect nearly 100,000 employees and 360-degree mobile gadgets for each Viettel person across the globe.

Alphaway Technology has the honor to provide the Viettel Mobile Connection App solution, which can help Viettel people to connect with each other via social networks, exchange workflow, track and promote projects, reminders. Personal calendar, along with personal utilities (authorized information lookup, personal information management). Viettel people can also ask with Chatbot to exchange common questions.

The project, just launched in March 2020, has increased the work efficiency for 100,000 Viettel employees, contributing to Viettel’s impressive growth in 2020.