Focus to the introduction and optimization of more effective test technique

As for application, both Android and iOS were developed.
The test process of the full life cycle was carried out by requirement definition, basic design, detail design, schedule, etc. which were obtained on the visitor.
(Specifications inspection -> test plan -> test design -> test implementation -> acceptance test).
In order to catch more bugs in a man day, time, and cost reduction and shorter time especially, the automatic test system was applied.

The target of a matter

  • Requirement definition, basic design, and detail design are performed from a specifications inspection to an acceptance test
  • Implement automatic test system
  • Project period: short term (4 months)

Development type: Laboratory development

No Item Explanation Remarks
Laboratory number 9 Persons “Test manager: One person
Test leader: Two persons”
Enforcement period 4 months There are many short period of times and work loads.
Development form V model
In charge phase A requirement definition grasp ⇔ Customers and the news organization
Specifications inspection
Test plan
Test design
8 Test implementation
9 Acceptance test

Member composition

No Role Remarks
Product owner Input information dissemination
Q&A reply
BrSE Q&A check
Quality control Test specification creation
Test plan creation
Test design creation
Test implementation
Up to an acceptance test
Development team An Automation test system is developed.

Test tool

  • Calabash、Espresso、Jenkins、Robotium、MonkeyRunner Ranorex

Testing service case study

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