Business systems development

Develop a flexible system to support extending customer’s selection

We will fully use “Business-requirements analysis”, “Development technical capabilities”, and “Project management”, and perform needed analysis to design, manufacture, introduce consistently, and realize the suitable system for customer’s request.
Especially about insurance service, securities business, and real estate business, we will provide service with added value to the high-level needs that abundant experience and knowledge are required while being able to answer adaquately and flexibly.

Certain business knowledge and technical strength of trust

The most appropriate proposal according to the customer’s business type & scale will be proposed based on the business knowledge accumulated by experience variety of business system development and operation support.

Cost reduction by offshore

We provide the offshore development service with reasonable price. The offshore working model is based on Japanese standard which guarantees the security and quality.


We are developing a software which satisfies customers’ unique requirements. Our skillful engineers always follow and keep the specified deadline as well as provide solution that can resolve all defined requirements.


C、C++、Java、C#、VB(Visual Basic)、、Objective-C、COBOL、JavaScript、Perl、PHP、Python、Ruby、VBScript、VBA

Management Tools

GIT, SVN, Redmine

Business systems case study

Develop a flexible system to support extending customer’s selection