We will support our customer from planning to designing, implementing, developing and operating.

Developing a flexible WEB with excellent user-experience to satisfy customer’s requirements such as creating various rich-contented work like CMS system is considered as the first priority.

In order to achieve the goals, planning & operating are always considered carefully.

We have excellent engineers who can develop a full-functioned WEB system which is easily maintained and has a beautiful UI/UX with good user-experience.
We consult & apply the most appropriate technology to the project from front-end to back-end to develop, based on customer’s requirements.

Beside developing EC site with the customization based on EC-CUBE,
we are developing various of expandable WEB systems such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Periodical order via mail management system
  • Real estate and apartment for sale website
  • Catalog site (gallery, brand, etc…)
  • ASP (application service provider) system
  • Company website
  • SNS system

In term of infrastructure such as needed servers for website or application, we will support comprehensively on building-up and maintaining based on the proposal.


We are developing a software which satisfies customers unique requirements.

Our skillful engineers always follow and keep the specified deadline as well as provide solution that can resolve all defined requirements.


PHP(Cake, Fuel, Laravel), JAVA(Struts, Spring, Seasar2), RUBY(Rails), JavaScript (Angular, NodeJs, JQuery)

Management Tools

GitHub, GitLab, SVN
Redmine, Trello, Backlog

OS + Database, Virtual Machine

Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Solaris, AIX,  WindowsServer, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase, KVS, VMware


IIS, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, ApacheAXIS