Our “Migration” is based on investigating fact-basedly and executing consistently the migration process as

  • Migration Planning
  • Migration Design
  • Resource Conversion
  • Testing

While the legacy system is running,
the migration is performed to stably base environments to minimize the influence on daily business.

Common tasks

The following issue can be optimized from our long-termed experience in company:

High cost of maintenance
・Feebleminded power
・Dependence on platform
・Low business variability
・Insufficient cooperation with an open system

・Old version ・Lack of trained engineers Our own developed migration tool

With years of various experience of migrating & operating the mainframe, we can migrate to new system without losing the convenience of old sytem and then develop a migration tool with the following important points:

  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Improvement of performance & quality
  • Better target to business
  • Integration
  • to an open system Lower engineer’s dependence

Our own developed migration tool introduction:


  • Legacy system evaluation
  • Existing source code analysis Visualizing by graph (Abstract Syntax Tree, Control Flow Graph, and Call Graph…)
  • DB table desiging proposal from source code (Cobol)
  • Detecting an intact code and dead code
  • Proposing a transition pattern (draft pattern)


Universal Migration Framework solve various migration problems at our company.

Migration classification

  • Upgrade
  • Language conversion

ezMigrate’s strong point

  • Code conversion can be done thoroughly as with the compiler
  • Language is inputted based on the exact grammar of a code template (change is possible).
  • Source is outputted based on template file (change is possible).
  • Conversion rule is based on a pattern (change is possible).
  • The code changed in the Excel report can be tracked.